Belek, one of the most popular tourism centers of our city, is at the top of the holiday centers preferred by our province of Antalya and most of our country is the most preferred by our domestic and foreign holidaymakers annually.
Our Belek holiday center where hot bloody people live is admired by our local and foreign holiday makers thanks to its unique delicious local cuisine, magnificent and abundant oxygen sea view and magnificent bird's-eye view.
Our Belek holiday center, which offers beautiful souvenir merchant stores and gift items on holiday packages and fair price tariffs located in the central section, also allows local and foreign vacationers to shop through Belek district.
Our Belek holiday center, offering unique holiday opportunities to its holidaymakers during every period of the year, can offer serious contributions to Antalya's economy and also to the general economy of our country, owing to its development in many different areas, especially in the field of tourism. Belek holiday center, which is on the list of the most important tourism centers of our country, hosts thousands of local and foreign vacationers every year.
Our Belek holiday center, which is also highly developed in terms of fish tourism, offers hundreds of local and foreign vacationers a delicious fish type meal each year through luxury and middle class restaurants. Thanks to our hospitality, our Belek holiday center, which also has a full note by our local and foreign holidaymakers, thanks to this feature, both Antalya province and our country are perfectly represented abroad.

What to Eat What to Drink at Belek Holiday Center?
When you reach our Belek district, which is the most popular tourism center of our province, we are advising you to taste absolutely delicious dishes that are unique to our counties and are delicious from each other in our beautiful restaurants located in the center of our county.
Our delicious home-type soup-type dishes unique to Belek, our mutually delicious vegetable dishes, our delicious pasta dishes and sweet type meals, our delicious homemade waffle-type meals, and our cold Belek dishes, we advise you not to leave our Belek holiday resort without drinking.

Where are the places to visit in Belek Holiday Center?
When you come to our Belek holiday center, which has many places to visit, we are advising you to visit our places which are located in different parts of our district and have different visions in order to experience a unique holiday process. When you come to Belek holiday region, you need to visit the following places;

* Aspendos theatre
The Aspendos Theater, which has a history of approximately 2000 years, is visited intensely by our local and foreign holidaymakers coming to our Belek holiday center thanks to its unique historical atmosphere. Aspendos Theater, which has a total audience capacity of 15 thousand people, makes our domestic and foreign holidaymakers admirable thanks to its magnificent interior design.

* Perge Ancient City
Perge Antik, one of the most visited places in Belek district, is a historical city and has been home to many different civilizations in history. Perge Antique City, which hosts hundreds of local and foreign vacationers every year thanks to its unique appearance and history-smelling atmosphere, is one of the areas we absolutely must see when you come to Belek.

* Religions Garden
Dinler Bahçesi, the common point of 3 different religions, is visited by hundreds of local and foreign holidaymakers coming to Belek holiday center thanks to its magnificent view, peaceful environment and tolerant atmosphere. Dinler Bahçesin, which is located only in the city of Jerusalem and in our district of Belek, has a mosque, a synagogue and a church in its garden. On this page, Dinler Bahçesi, which symbolizes tolerance among religions, is among the most important symbols of our county of Belek and of our province of Antalya.

* Kurşunlu Waterfall
The Kurşunlu Waterfall, which flows from an elevation of approximately 18 meters, is built on a canyon of approximately 2 km. Due to its magnificent appearance and its peacefulness, Kursunlu Waterfall is visited by hundreds of local and foreign holiday resorts every year and among the places you should absolutely see when you come to Belek.

* Sillian Antique City
Situated on the top of Koçhisar, linked to the Serik district, the ancient city of Sillon, thanks to its magnificent view and unique historical atmosphere

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